How to install mods?

Place them in the Assetto Corsa installation folder.

Are any mods done from scratch?

No. Not yet.

Can I try any mod before the release?

You can of course! In every mod page, there is a section about it!

If you donate the minimum value (Described on the mod page), you could get it in your hand and if you wish, give us some feedback to help us developing!

After you donate we will send you an email (Wait until 2 days*). We will ask you for your Facebook profile and for what car you have donated.

We created a private Facebook group for each car. You will be added (If you have a Facebook account). There you can share whatever you want, feel free to do it. The Facebook group is mainly to share stuff about the mod and give feedback. We also tell the news there and it is how we keep in contact.

*If you didn’t received the email before 2 days, please contact